I have always been moving – in every conceivable way. My father's occupation took him and his family to many disparate locations in the United States and Europe, and as a child I developed a severe case of wanderlust, which I find even today, a compulsion to exercise.

I am happiest on adventures, both in urban areas and in the wild, where another compulsion arises - collecting. Objets trouves and treasures from nature; seed pods, desert sands, shells, wasp nests, porcupine quills, road kills, stones, bones and feathers find their way to me. I am blessed with an innate treasure locator funded by a finely tuned capacity for pattern recognition.

Each adventure is a joy to experience as well as being the source of my art materials. The hills of Tuscany graced me with a beautiful quiver of porcupine quills whose original owner’s sudden encounter with a car became my timely discovery. The gutters of New York City yielded a flattened paper bag transformed by rain and the pounding of tires into a floating angel whose shape reminds me of the serenity of unseen realms. These objects are more unique and magical to me than diamonds and are collected and incorporated into my art with gratitude and joy.

I have always had a ferocious curiosity about pretty much everything, which has been both a blessing and an occasional handicap in different aspects of life - whenever I have been required to specialize, I find my eclectic nature very difficult to rein in. Multi-disciplinarity is a natural perspective for me.

Two major passions in my life and education have woven themselves together in my professional work - art and psychology. I am a self-taught artist and have always, since early childhood, made assemblages of found materials which I used in elaborate rituals. I felt these rituals to be sacred events and they calmed my restless nature and focused my creative bent. I have also always held a deep calling to serve, to help relieve suffering and to assist people in finding their own source within, an ongoing practice in my own life.

In 1984 I completed a M.A. in Jungian Psychology from Boulder Graduate School and in 1997 a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology with an Emphasis in Visual Art from Union University. I have designed and taught graduate school courses and have a private practice in psychotherapy working with individuals and couples helping to shift from an ego to soul based personality. I have written a book, The Stardust Motel: A Road Map for the Soul and have developed my art in a direction that reflects my transpersonal perspective.

Currently I am directing Into The Center, providing psychological services including psychotherapy for individuals and couples as well as a curriculum for the education and support of individuals, organizations and institutions that provide care for vulnerable populations, their families, and caregivers.

I live in Boulder, Colorado with my husband. I have three beautiful children and seven grandchildren and I find joy in my family, friends and work. I continue to have adventures - in the outer world and always in the inner world and I delight in constructing bridges between the two. I celebrate creativity, joy, service and nature and the spirit in every being with whom I share this miraculous adventure on planet Earth.